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We design homes for all budgets, and believe everyone deserves the kitchen of their dreams!

Tips for a Budget Friendly Renovation

1. Pick what is most important to you and we'll find a way to incorporate it into the design.

2. Create a design with standard cabinetry sizes. See how we didn't go to the ceiling with the cabinetry in this design.

3. Subway tile is a great way to get a beautiful backsplash without spending the big bucks.

4. Reuse what you can - Instead of replacing the flooring in this home, we were able reuse boards to patch where walls were removed. 

5. Keep an eye out for Appliance sales! Appliances are a huge expense, and getting a deal can help your budget go a long ways. 

6. Don't buy anything until you have completed your design! So many times people will impulse buy without completing their design and then find out it doesn't work with the look. 

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