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The best time to start the process is once you have the first initial draft of your floor plan. This initial meeting will allow you to provide a detailed "priority & wish list" as well as a list of preferences for your floor plan designer. An Interior designer can assist you at any point of the process. However the advantage with a meeting early in the project allows us to provide you with details for design areas such as sculptural bulkheads, focal point lighting, and confirmation on all sizes of rooms with a furniture floor plan. It is much easier to change an initial floor plan rather than try to readjust the framework of a new home in progress.


  1. To start, look through Fresco Interiors website pictures for project inspiration, and for more information call our office at 306-933-3200 or Charlene at 306-493-7771 to set up your initial meeting.

  2. Book a design consultation - one of Fresco Interiors designers will be happy to assist you with your new home consultation - $370 + GST.

  3. A design plan estimate is provided in 3-5 days at no extra charge. Outlining every aspect of the new home build process. It may involve custom cabinetry elevations, with distinct design details, as well as selections for all surfaces including all flooring, back splashes and shower walls. Lighting selections, for each area, with focus on focal points to create drama. Interior & exterior custom door applications, fireplace facades, plumbing fixtures, and a colour palette to ensure colour flow through out. The design quote allows you to see the exact cost for each specific design services. It is also completely flexible. Each segment is detailed to allow you to view all areas of the design process and you can remove or add areas to suit your needs.

  4. Design process begins – we review your style preferences and begin the transformation. Your involvement in the process is very important, as it helps us to define what you love and what works best for you and your family. The process involves reviewing a series of cabinetry and inspirational room styles to establish the preferred design and colour palette. Specific focal points are designed to give your home a completely custom look based on your budget. Elevations are then sketched, floor plans designed, & CAD drawings are created to highlight all the design features in your new home. Electrical floor plans play a key role in creating ambient atmosphere. We design options for layered lighting effects, to provide you with a home with soft lighting at night, up lights and down lights for drama, and strategic task lighting for walk-in closet areas and kitchens. Each of the components and researched and samples gathered to show you the "design story" at the presentation meeting.

  5. Presentation meeting – each of the new selections are presented to you to show you how they intertwine with the next. Each surface will flow cohesively from floor to wall completing the color palette. The presentation may show multiple options based on the clients preference. Our goal is provide a selection that you truly love. Selections can be modified and adjusted accordingly.

  6. Design completion – once all details are finalized, your new home selections will be forwarded to your builder or suppliers for quotations. Flooring and wall tile elevations can be forwarded to installers. Your designer can assist you with the final applications which may include a furniture floor plan to provide you with a plan to outline exact sizes of the pieces which will work best in your new home. They can also provide the NHBA – new home builders allowance for blinds – 45% discount. The final step may include a staging whereby the Fresco Design team positions furniture, hangs artwork, and orders specific accessories to complete your new home.

Kitchen and dining room
Sketching of a floor plan

  The result is a space you love.. and love to come home to. 
  Love where you live!

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