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DESIGN CONSULTATION - for commercial & residential 

renovations or new builds
During a design consultation, with plans of renovating or building a new home, we get to know your design style, your wishes for the space, budget, and preliminary selections to start the design process. 

What do I get from a design consultation?

Consultation may include:

- Flooring preference

- Style analysis

- Focal point locations

- Window treatments review

- Backsplash style design

- Lighting style review

- Preliminary cabinetry design

- Room illustrations

- Preliminary measurements
(Based on client's needs)

How much does a design consultation cost?

2 hour initial design consultation
 + GST

DESIGN & DECOR CONSULTATION - to refresh your space
A design consultation provides you with a personalized design portfolio to help you define your style and design elemen
ts to complete your space. 

What do I get from a design and décor consultation?
Consultation may include:
- Furniture placement

- Preliminary color scheme

- Focal point locations

- Review window treatments (Blinds & drapery)

- Accessorizing

- Exclusive wallpaper

- Room illustrations
(Based on client's needs)

- Design plan provided upon request to 

How much does a design and décor consultation cost?

2 hour design consultation
$370 + GST

All interior design services following the initial consultation

are based on $185/hour

Following the consultation we provide you with a customized design plan estimate at no additional charge, outlining all design elements required to assist in your renovation or new build. 

What is included in an interior design plan estimate?
Design plan may include:

- CAD drawings

- Perspective sketches 

- Floor plan review and modifications

- Reflected ceiling plans (Lighting and ceiling details)

- Furniture floor plans

- Cabinetry design

- Flooring selection and specifications

- Countertop concepts and selections

- Light fixture selections

- Plumbing fixture selections

- Color palette (Main, trim, doors and accent colors)

- Wallpaper selections

- Tile elevations

- Fireplace elevations and specifications

- Feature wall elevations and specifications

- Landscape design and selections

- Digital Renderings (Interior and exterior)

- Site visits

- Project management

(Based on client's needs)

Flat lay sample board
Sketch drawing of floor plan
design presentation with samples
Entry curved staircase
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