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Fresco Interiors is the only interior design firm in Saskatoon certified through the

SRHBA - Saskatoon and Region Home Builders Association Reno Mark program.

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Your home is your sanctuary. Above all else it really needs to reflect your own personal style. At Fresco Interiors we’re there to assist you... the right direction. By helping you choose colours that flow, furnishings that work with your lifestyle, and provide you with advice to save you from making expensive design mistakes. You can hire a designer on a simple consultation basis, or have them complete the entire project, whichever works best with your budget. Your home should make you smile each time you walk in the door. It is a sincere pleasure to work with each and every one of our create a home they love, and love to come home to.

Charlene Headshot

Charlene Schumacher

Principle Designer



The passion to create distinctive, expressive interiors which reflect the needs of the client inspired me to open the doors of Fresco Interiors in 2003. The word “Fresco” meaning “Fresh” in Italian depicts the essence of a Fresco Interiors space. I love rooms that feel fresh and alive while expressing comfort and warmth. Your home should be an extension of your thoughts and innermost dreams.

Fresco means to weave art into our lives. For me...Art is Life...and Life is Art.

I have studied art as my first love...then fashion design, which naturally evolved into my true passion...Interior Design. I feel so fortunate to be able to use my love of fabrics, and color mixed with multiple mediums to weave texture and contrasts into each new space.

I believe that great design is a culmination of a clients influence, inspiration, and evolution.

Homes evolve as the client’s “true heart” is revealed.

Each new project starts with creating a conceptual vision. It allows the client to “see” the finished space before a single wall is built. The ultimate satisfaction is completing a home which captures the soul of the owner, it may feel airy, sophisticated, opulent or may be a quiet sanctuary, or a family haven, or an edgy loft.

It should always make you smile as you open the door... as it welcomes you with open arms.

Find your Bliss...Live Life Beautifully.


Fashion Design Certificate - 1983

Founder - Ladies in Waiting Maternity (retail clothing store) 1984-1990  

Founder - C.S Fashion Corp (Clothing Factory) 1984-1990

Interior Design Certificate - 2002

Founder - Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. - 2003

Paula Headshot

Paula Balkwill


IDAS Designer, BID, IDC Member


Paula grew up in Saskatoon, and studied interior design in Toronto, ON.


She has been with Fresco interiors since 2015 as an Interior Design Consultant and Project Manager.

Paula has a passion for travelling, furniture & lighting design, painting, sports, sustainable design and interior design.

She believes your home should reflect your personal style and have rooms where you can be comfortable in beautifully designed spaces. 

She has been involved in commercial and residential design, and has designed several SRHBA award winning home renovations.



BID Bachelor of Interior Design 

4 year program in Toronto, ON

Fresco Interiors 

Design Consultant Since 2015

Enxhi Headshot


Enxhi brings her diverse background in architecture, interior and exterior design to the Fresco Team. 

Her love for books, travel, architecture, art and family all inspires her designs.

Enxhi takes pride in her drawings and she is always successful in delivering real visuals of the new designs before they become real.

Her ability to draw inspiration from various sources is an asset to her work, allowing her to create unique and creative designs that reflect the personality and style of her clients.


She says her favorite part of the design process is client’s reaction when they see their space fully renovated and revitalized.

Enxhi believes your space should tell the story of who you are and what you love.



Masters in Architecture 
Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

Fresco Interiors 

Design Consultant Since 2021

Design Consultant

Enxhi Carcani


I will definitely be recommending their services! Before meeting Charlene I would have been hard pressed to understand why someone would pay to get the opinion of a designer. Now I don't know why someone would spend huge amounts on labour and materials for a renovation without first spending a relatively small amount to create a cohesive plan.

I had no idea of the value of the input of a professional designer. I had expected the process to be painful. I see 8 colours while my wife is sees 4K. However, in the period of a two hour consultation Charlene managed to get the two of us to choose the same flooring, primary wall colour as well as an accent colour and help us define the style we were aiming for. That was no small feat. Thinking back, I have no idea how she actually pulled that off. With patience and a high degree of good humour and enthusiasm, she turned the consultation into an incredibly enjoyable experience. What I did not expect was the amount of added value we received. In addition to leading us through the next steps in the design process, she elicited our future intentions for the space we were renovating. Taking the information we shared, she sketched concepts for the future evolution of our open concept kitchen. When I balked at the idea of what I thought would be a big ticket item, she showed me how to get the suggested effect at in a cost effective manner. Her suggestion will definitely be implemented.

We h
ad many of the elements decided before the consultation but she then took those foundations and built a vision of a finished home that will be personal to us. Beyond her professional expertise, which is very evident, working with her was incredibly easy. I only wish we had included her at the beginning of the process instead of close to the end.

She obviously has a love for helping people realize their home renovation dreams. Before meeting Charlene I would have been hard pressed to understand why someone would pay to get the opinion of a designer when there is so much information available online and on TV. Now I don't know why someone would spend huge amounts on labour and materials for a renovatio
n without first spending a relatively small amount to create a cohesive plan. I will definitely be recommending her services. In fact, my oldest son and his wife just bought a house which they plan to renovate eventually. When they firm up that intention, I'll be purchasing a consultation with Charlene for them as a Christmas, birthday or anniversary present. That will be a present that will valued for years to come.

- Ken Gryschuk

Kitchen Renovation Design Plan
Charlene and her design team's goal was to create an updated kitchen renovation design plan that I would love. They presented several different floor plan options for my consideration. It was obvious that they put in a lot of thought that would ultimately improve the function and flow of my kitchen while making it modern and beautiful.

The Fresco design team was courteous, professional and a pleasure to work with. If anyone is looking for a thoughtful, creative and a thorough design approach to update their kitchen, Fresco Interiors is an awesome option to consider before deciding to just go with the same old tired layout.

- Ella Murray

They made the renovation experience less overwhelming, were professional to work with, and were enthusiastic about helping us create the area we were striving for.

I have nothing but compliments for Fresco Interiors and thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering renovations or interior updates. We wanted to renovate our kitchen and living area but were unsure where to start. Charlene and Amber helped focus our ideas and incorporated some improvements that reflect our interests and design preferences. They made the renovation experience less overwhelming, were professional to work with, and were enthusiastic about helping us create the area we were striving for. We'll definitely be contacting them for future renovations!

- Carla H.

Excellent people to work with!

We have been using the expertise from the staff at Fresco Interiors for numerous projects. Everything from simple wall paper design selections to a major outdoor kitchen construction project. They have helped us every step of the way and ensure only the most skilled craftsmen do the job. We will be using Fresco on all our design & renovations on our home and future homes. I could go on and on. Excellent people to work with!

- Jim Taka

Small Renovation

Hiring Shelby to help with my small reno was an excellent idea and would recommend it to anyone. She always answered my emails promptly and solved any issues I might have quickly and very professionally. Also was very satisfied with all her tradespeople.
Thanks again Shelby!

- Jill Pezderic

They all take the time to listen to your thoughts, needs and ideas without you feeling pressured.

Charlene and her team are amazing! I would highly recommend Fresco Interiors. The entire team is very professional, creative and unique.
They all take the time to listen to your thoughts, needs and ideas without you feeling pressured. They have incredible taste and style in everything they do. They love what they do and are truly masters.
I cannot say enough about this team.

- Michelle Farenick

I love my Newly Renovated Home! I could have never even imagined that it could look this Wonderful! I can’t believe I live here! I would Highly Recommend the Design Team at Fresco Interiors!

I contacted Fresco Interiors in the winter, and they completed my incredible renovation in the spring.

In December we reviewed ideas to possibly add an addition or to modify my existing home.  The design team created a plan which illustrated numerous options. They outlined a concept which allowed me to keep my existing structure, yet provided me with my Dream Ensuite complete with a custom shower & soaker tub, simply by modifying an existing hallway closet. They also designed an Inviting lounge off the Master Bedroom which I had no idea I would love so much!

I now have an open concept kitchen living room area, with a central L shaped Island and a vertical fireplace! All within my budget. I am completely thrilled!

Fresco Interiors not only provided me with a team of experience trades, and quotes for every area of the project. They also provided me with peace of mind.

Their weekly progress reports, photos, and scheduling allowing me to follow the renovation even when I was away.

At the end of the renovation they staged my home with new furnishings, hung artwork & mirrors and stylized each room with custom toss cushions area rugs and accessories.

I left an empty home that morning, to walk into my new home. I really can’t believe I live here! It was such an exhilarating experience! I would highly recommend the Design Team at Fresco Interiors!

- BBeavis – Saskatoon

Fresco Interiors was chosen as a finalist for a SHBA Bridges Award “Saskatoon Renovation of the Year”

We Absolutely loved working with the Fresco Team!

We are very very pleased with our renovation and would invite you to view our renovation. It was done on time and in a very professional manner. We highly recommend Fresco!

At our request, Fresco Interiors came to our home in September, and we advised that we wished to renovate our kitchen and adjoining family room. After a short discussion of our general requirements,  the team drew up a plan that evening for us. At that time we informed them that we planned to leave for Arizona the last week of October, and would not return until December 10th. On December 15th we traditionally hold a party in our home, and the project must be completed by that date. They assured us the renovation would be completed on time.

Fresco drew up a proposed work schedule, and arranged for various contractors and materials and fixtures which were of the highest quality and workmanship. We met with the General Contractor, selected cabinet designs and ordered appliances.

We left for Arizona and received regular updates of work in progress including pictures. They responded to e-mails inquiries and text messages promptly and cheerfully. Fresco Interiors were very forthright and accommodating in all our dealings with them.

Upon our arrival in our home on December 10th, we were very, very pleased with our renovations. Fresco Interiors ensured that the entire main floor of our home was clean and ready for our Christmas party. The cupboards had been stocked with all our dishes and dry goods. Charlene and the staff of Fresco Interiors hung pictures and brought in additional furniture to enhance the décor of our home.

- Glen & Phyllis Burt

The respect for Fresco Interiors has resulted in a high level of service and attention from our suppliers that we do not believe we would have otherwise! We are very Pleased to recommend Fresco Interiors!

I take great pleasure in recommending Charlene Schumacher and Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. They have worked with my wife and I for over a year on the interior design of our custom built executive home in Applewood Estates. During this time Fresco has continually displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, skill and ambition.

Fresco Interiors are dedicated to their craft. They has taken the time to understand what my wife and I like and appreciate and has applied their skills not only to create a designer workpiece, but rather to create a designer workpiece that conforms to our wishes. 

From my first meeting with the design team they have been available, considerate, and passionate about their work and our project. Fresco has been instrumental in all aspects of our design including cabinet choices, fixtures, lighting, and finishing. 

Fresco's designs are not only a work of art, but are practical. They considered our layout, our needs and our budget throughout the process. 

The suppliers we have dealt with have also spoken very highly of Charlene and Fresco Interiors Design Group. Our suppliers have been pleased to hear we are working with Charlene and Fresco and their respect for Fresco has resulted in a level of service and attention that we do not believe we would have had otherwise. 

I take my recommendations very seriously and I rarely provide them. I am pleased to recommend Charlene Schumacher and Fresco Interiors Design Group. 

- Applewood 4568

Our New Home is more than I had ever Dreamed it would be! Thank-you Fresco Interiors

I believe trust is a big thing when you are committing a lot of money to something you may not even be able to visualize completely. I found it important, as a client, to share all the pictures of things I liked and then the Fresco team planned/designed ever so successfully and that is when there was no doubt in my mind we would achieve a goal. Their ideas, drawings, design, imagination, a good eye, attention to detail plus years of knowledge and experience are truly why our house we built became our warm and inviting home. Our new home is more than I had ever dreamed it to be and look forward to admiring it, enjoying it, and creating tons of love and memories in it. Thank you Charlene for becoming my friend thru our build and for the support of your awesome team.

- Michayluk 123

We Greatly Appreciated all the support and assistance through all the multiple details and design decisions with building our new home. Fresco Interiors provided a professional, kind, & understanding service to give us our new dream home! We will continue to be Fresco Interiors best ambassadors!

We recently retained the services of Fresco Interiors Design Group Inc. to help us build our dream home. Looking back, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into; the barrage of decisions and the intrinsic details became daunting at times. We knew we wanted a visually stunning home but we didn’t know how to get there.

We shared our blurred vision with Fresco and they immediately
brought clarity. Fresco opened our eyes to the latest home design styles and trends and showed us that our dreams could become reality. What’s most important is that they restored our excitement, which seemed lost in all the confusion. 

So, thank you Fresco!

- Lyle Clouatre

Creative, current, professional, adaptible, cost effective, talented and intuitive!

On three separate occasions, we have had the opportunity to work with Fresco Interiors. It is to their credit that we received top dollar on the sale of our home. Currently, their team is assisting with our new build. The results will be amazing. To sum up this work group, the following comes to mind; creative, current, professional, adaptible, cost effective, talented and intuitive.

Thanks Charlene and Team Fresco."

- Darcy and Randy Huisman

I would highly recommend this Design Group! Hiring Charlene & her team is money extremely well spent!

I have used Fresco Interiors Design Group for several projects (home, recreational property, and business office renovations) over the years. I have been extremely pleased with the results of all of these projects. I would highly recommend Charlene and her design team. They has impeccable taste, are very creative, and are able to work well with existing pieces / home features and customers' personal preferences. Fresco Interiors is a pleasure to work with – always pleasant, enthusiastic, and professional! They have  opened a beautiful design store and will research / shop for pieces to work perfectly with your space and budget. Hiring Charlene and her team is money extremely well spent.

- Lana Shimp

The Fresco Design Group has a fantastic eye for Detail!

My husband and I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Fresco Interiors on our new home build. They listened carefully to our ideas and provided thoughtful suggestions to create beautiful rooms we were both excited about. Fresco has an eye for detail and thinks about the flow of colours in the entire house. Her skill and kind manner have eased the stressful process of designing our new home's interior. I highly recommend Fresco Interiors Design Group!

- Anke Banks

Fresco Interiors Design Group has done an amazing job with all of our projects! They completed a full home renovation of our Saskatoon residence, a complete design plan of our new lakehouse, and the design of our new commercial building!

Their professional expertise has resulted in three incredible projects

I would definitely recommend Fresco Interiors!

Fresco Interiors Design Group have done an amazing job with the many projects I have brought to them. 
Charlene and her team have designed fresh, new, modern looks to my home, cabin, and office and I love how they think outside the box. With Fresco anything is possible! Their new showroom is fantastic because they have everything right there and it makes it so easy to visualize how your project is going to look

Now, I love going to the office or coming home, or the cabin because Fresco Interiors has designed them all and I get complements on them all the time!

I would definitely recommend Fresco Interiors, and I already have! the know they will be very happy and excited with the results!

- Rhonda Burns

This is first class Design Company LOVE the Window Coverings! Great Product, Incredible Service & Competitive Products! I would recommend this company to anyone

I ordered window coverings for both my home and my rental suite from Fresco and I must say, not only did I get a very nice product at a competitive price, but I had the pleasure of dealing with Charlene, Tiffany, and their installer Mark. What great service! This is a first class business with first class products!! I am a client for life!!

- Tim Bernes

We aboslutely LOVED working with the team at Fresco Interiors!

Absolutely loved working with the team at fresco interiors. The hard work and great design ideas made our home somthing to be truly proud of, and a lot of fun to show off to family and friends. Can't wait to work on future projects with team at fresco and see what great new ideas they have. D Martyn contracting.

- D Martyn

Fresco Interiors passion shows in everything they do! They go above and beyond! I highly Recommend this Design Group

I needed assistance in pulling all the finishing details together for our new home, they listened to my vision for our new space and provided me with a variety of ideas and products to chose from. If I wasn't feeling comfortable with a part of the design plan they would happily provided alternatives, always stressing how it was important to them that I was confident, and excited, about every choice. The design team  is not just saying this; they really mean it! 

Every step of the way Fresco has been available to me for questions, guidance, and referrals. They even secured a better price for me at a glass shop when they recognized what I was paying elsewhere was too much - and the glass I was ordering had nothing to do with our work together on my house! Fresco's passion for their work shows and they provide service that is "above and beyond"! I highly recommend the entire design group!

- Amber Clark

The Fresco Interiors Design Team creativity is truly amazing! I would recommend them to everyone!

I have had the pleasure of working with the Fresco design team throughout my new build. It has been such a positive experience. Their knowledge, insight, and creativity is truly amazing. The team has been so helpful and incredibly flexible. They have always been able to coordinate their busy schedule to ensure meeting times worked well for us. Fresco goes above and beyond to ensure that we get the best of the best. The Fresco design team have taken the time to really understand what we envision for our new home. They pull ideas together to create a beautiful space that functions perfectly with the entire home. 

I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. I would recommend them to everyone.

- D. Hamoline

Fresco Interiors are Masters in their Field! We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this design team!

We recently had the pleasure of working with Fresco Interiors for our home interior-decorating project. They are extremely knowledgeable and shares that knowledge with her customers through design sketches and photos. What we found most impressive is the on-going contact with us to provide feedback and assistance for our project. They work with you to bring your project to fruition, always budget-minded and professional.  The Fresco design team are truly masters in their field and we have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her! 

- Gayle Leck

We are very Grateful & Happy for all Fresco has done for us!

We hired Fresco Interiors to help us with the interior design of our new home. We have been very pleased with the design work. The choices of the finishes have been well thought out and if we were not pleased with a particular product or selection, they would modify to match more of our style. We are very grateful and happy for all Fresco has done for us thus far.

- Corinne Haack

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Multiple Award Winner - SRHBA Housing Excellence Awards
Basement Renovation of the Year, Whole Home Renovation of the Year, 
Kitchen Renovation of the Year & Renovation of the Year - Any Room

Fresco Interiors is the only Interior Design Firm in Saskatoon Certified under the SRHBA Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association RenoMark Program
Striving for Excellence Renovations

Multiple Award Winner - Consumer Choice Awards

Multiple Award Winner Community Vote - Best Interior Design Company  Saskatoon
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