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Europe Through An Interior Designer's Eyes

I always knew I would love to experience Europe, but I never expected to be so captivated by it's architecture.

Walking through the streets of Munich, Germany and seeing architecture structures dated back to the 1500's all the way up to present date was such a unique experience.

After the bombing during World War II Germany went through an extensive loss of heritage architecture.

Many building were reconstructed in a more simplified way, however the freedom architects had for design expression was phenomenal.

The options were limitless, the design style of the building could be anything from modernistic, gothic inspired, to romanesque, to ancient architecture.

What an incredible experience would it be to be an architect during this time?

To have the opportunity and the freedom to help rebuild a city with art and attention to detail being some of the main principles.

The lasting impression that I had leaving Germany was not only the amazing architecture, but their passion for sustainability.

Driving through the countryside and seeing miles and miles of solar panel fields, and wind turbines methodically turning in the distance was such a refreshing site.

Seeing hundred year old buildings with solar panels on their roofs, and small vegetable gardens in their back yards.

It was very apparent that the people were a part of a community, and that they are dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle.

And then there was Spain...

After being so infatuated by German culture, design and lifestyle, I had my reservations about Spain, but Madrid and surrounding areas swept me right off my feet.

Here in the heart of the city, buildings upon buildings situated between tiny side streets, there stands the largest living green wall I have ever seen.

And if there was one thing Spain taught me, it was how to eat.

There's one word for it - Tapas.

Learning how the locals like to enjoy their meals was a world wind of an experience.

Our local friend Hemie would take us all out for lunch, only one menu was provided and he would order for the entire table, which sat 7.

At first it felt weird, not being in control of your order, but by the time the first dish arrived that feeling had completely vanished.

Then the next dish came out, then the next, everyone is reaching over to take their next bite, while multiple servers are clearing plates only to place more food on the table.

The chaos of the whole dining experience is one of the best parts, along with tasting so many different varieties of food.

As though the food wasn't enough, some of the restaurants interior design was absolutely incredible.

One thing I love about traveling is how it gives you this bias perspective on your own life.

You realize what you really need in your weekly routine, what you're doing right, and what you're missing.

It was an amazing trip, but I am so excited to be back at work, and to take the inspiration from Europe and infuse new design elements into my projects.

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